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Vladimir Dukhnenko, Director of Expert-Rating RA Ltd., ph.D

Vladimir Duhnenko has two Superior educations (technical and economic), Ph.D. He defended Candidate dissertation at the end of 90th, conducted researches in the field of aircraft mechanics and applied physics, taught at technical university for several years.

In 2000-2002 Mr. Dukhnenko worked at BK-Brock stock company as a financial analyst, where he worked on investment analysis, trading on the stock market in PFTS and RTS and developed his own stock index. 

In 2002 Mr. Dukhnenko was Editor-in-chief of Financial director magazine, one of the leading specialized magazines in Ukraine.

Since February, 2005 Mr. Dukhnenko has been working in rating business.

In December, 2005 he has become a member of Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts (USFA).

In January, 2007 Vladimir Dukhnenko has headed "RA Expert-Rating" Ltd.

In October, 2010 Mr. Dukhnenko has become a member of Ukrainian association of investor, creditor and insurer protection.

Vladimir Dukhnenko is the author of numerous publications in the field of rating implementation in the regulating processes in financial markets.   


Vitaliy Shapran, Chief financial analyst of Expert-Rating RA Ltd., ph.D, doktor nauk ekonomiczych

Vitaliy Shapran started his activity in the department of loans and resources in the regional network of JSPPB "Aval".

At the end of 90th  Mr. Shapran has graduated from Kiev National Economic University (KNEU), has two financial-economic educations at sreciality "finance" and "banking".

Since 1999 Mr. Shapran is a regular author of Securities of Ukraine weekly, the official edition of Ukraine’s State Securities and Stock Market Commission. Since 2003 - the analyst, the observer of international financial markets in IG "Russian Policy". Since 2003-2005 - the observer of foreign markets in the official edition of Association of Russian banks "National banking magazine" and at the same period he has taught in the University.

In 2005 Mr. Shapran has successfully received  ph. D degree, has conducted researches in problems of bank work in the securities market. In 2017 Mr. Shapran has successfully received official recognition of doctor’s degree in field of economy in EU from Polish government.

Since February, 2006 Mr. Shapran has been a staff member of the Ukrainian Institute of Stock Market Development KNEU and Deputy Head of the Commission in banking analysis of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts (USFA). From January 2007 he has been deputy director and chief financial analyst of RA "Expert-Rating". 2013-2014, Advisor of the Director of the Agency. From January 2015 he has been Head of the Commission in banking analysis of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts (USFA).

Since October, 2010 Mr. Shapran has headed the rating committee of Ukrainian Association on investor, creditor and insurer protection (UAICIP).

In 2011 Vitaliy Shapran has been elected to the public council under NSMSC, where he has headed the committee on the transparency of stock market. In 2015 Vitaliy Shapran has been elected to the public collegiums of the National Bank of Ukraine Council. Also in 2015 Vitaliy Shapran has been elected in expert Council of Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Mr. Shapran has about 400 publications in specialized print media in Ukraine and abroad, devoted to:

- state regulatory policy in financial markets;

- bank, insurance and investment business in Ukraine and CIS;

- activities of international financial and credit organisations.