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February 2005, the Department of ratings was formed in the magazine "Expert Ukraine". April 2006, the Department of ratings was formed in the magazine "Expert Ukraine" was transformed into the Rating centre "Expert Ukraine" Ltd. November 2006, the Rating centre "Expert Ukraine" Ltd assigned the first credit rating on a voluntary basis.

January 2007, Rating Centre "Expert Ukraine" Ltd was reformed to Rating agency "Expert-Rating" Ltd. "RA "Expert-Rating"  Ltd. became a full-fledged successor of the rating centre "Expert Ukraine" Ltd.

Since April 2007, RA "Expert-Rating" has been officially recognized by the Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (UAIB) - the most authoritative proffessional association of institutional investors in the Ukrainian stock market and, which is also a self-regulatory organization for the Asset Management Companies.

In 2008 the Agency continued to improve its methodological basis. The structure of rating reports has been considerably improved, the base of subscribers to the Agency's news from the number of foreign investors and mass media representatives has been created, the official correspondence has begun with the financial market regulators of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Despite the crisis, 2009 has become the breakthrough year for the Agency - it is in 2009 RA "Expert-Rating" has performed the first analysis of the results on statistics of bankruptcies in bank (pi)-rating. As it turned out, (pi)-model of reliability rating had well worked in crisis having proved in practice the benefit from the rating application in investment decisions.

In 2009 the Agency assigned the first individual credit rating to the commercial bank, model of fiduciary risks assesment for Asset Management Companies and Collecting companies in practice. It is RA "Expert-Rating", which has become the first rating agency in Ukraine that has begun to assign infrastructure ratings.

In 2010 RA "Expert-Rating" has become the first among the Agencies registreted in Ukraine, which has introduced internationalrating scale and has assigned credit rating to foreign company according to Ukrainian and International rating scales. Since April 2010, the majority of RA "Expert-Rating" clients has been assigned credit ratings according to the Ukrainian national scale, adopted by Ukrainian authorities as well as according to the Agency's international scale.

Since June 09, 2010 RA "Expert-Rating" has received a status of authorized rating agency from the National Securities Markets and Securities Commission (NSMSC).

For 5 years of work Agency's team has succeeded not only to develop a line of rating products, but also to enter foreign markets. RA "Expert-Rating" remains to be the absolute leader in the market of voluntary rating and performs innovative strategy of development in practice.